#3469: Link to the Old Style Via Donnacha Dennehy

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For this New Sounds, John Schaefer catches up with the Irish composer Donnacha Dennehy, who also presents some of his latest music including a bit of his multi-media musical theatre piece, “the Hunger.”  Based on the events of the Irish famine, this opera-in-progress incorporates the unaccompanied Irish vocal music called Sean nós, like Dennehy’s previous work, “Grá agus Bás.” In “The Hunger,” however, Dennehy knits vintage recordings of sean-nós into the piece and uses the writings of American non-conformist Asenath Nicholson to inform the main narrative. 

Also, listen to an arrangement for cello & electronics of Dennehy’s “Aisling Gheal” and an exclusive performance recording by Crash Ensemble of his “Disposable Dissonance.”

PROGRAM # 3469, with Donnacha Dennehy   (First aired on 5/16/2013)                                                 





Donnacha Dennehy

Grá agus Bás (Love and Death)

Grá agus Bás, excerpt [1:00]

Nonesuch 527063

Donnacha Dennehy

Private recording

Aisling Gheal for cello and electronics, arr. Dennehy [5:46]

This performance not commercially available.

Alan Pierson, Alarm Will Sound

Private performance recording

Donnacha Dennehy: The Hunger (opera in progress) [7:40]

A different performance of this exists on Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/excerpts-from-the-hunger

Crash Ensemble, Alan Pierson conducting

Private performance recording

Dennehy: Disposable Dissonance [17:00]

This performance not commercially available.

Kronos Quartet
Mikhail Alexandrovich, cantor

Night Prayers

Golijov: K'vakarat [8:15]

Nonesuch 79346