Andrew Garfield, Medical Data Mining, The Power of Elephant Dung

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Director, Martin Scorsese and Andrew Garfield on the set of the film SILENCE by Paramount Pictures, SharpSword Films, and AI Films (Reprinted with permission from Kerry Brown, 2016 Paramount Pictures)

Jonathan Capehart guest hosts!

Actor Andrew Garfield joins us to discuss starring in Martin Scorsese’s new film “Silence.” Adam Tanner, author and fellow at Harvard University’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science, joins us to discuss his new book Our Bodies Our Data: How Companies Make Billions Selling Our Medical Records. Conservation biologist Dr. Sam Wasser talks about his work to stop illegal ivory poaching, in Africa, through the use of elephant dung. Then, Ben Zimmer, language columnist for The Wall Street Journal, returns to talk about the popular words of 2016.