The Leonard Lopate Book Club Presents: Ulysses “The Greatest Novel Never Read”

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The first edition of Ulysses (left), published in Paris in February of 1922 (the Burns copy is no. 773 of 1000). On the right is the first English edition, which was published in October of same year

Michael Groden, distinguished university professor emeritus in the Department of English and Writing Studies at Western University, kicks off our new Leonard Lopate Book Club series dedicated to reading James Joyce’s epic Ulysses, often described as “the greatest novel never read.” Groden is the author of several books including Ulysses in Progress and Ulysses in Focus. Groden will be preparing the book club to read Ulysses, and will talk about the qualities that make the book both important and satisfying. He’ll also give advice and strategies for dealing with the features that can make it a difficult read.