Left in an NYC Cab: Forgotten Odds and Ends

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Jim Fanelli, DNAinfo.com reporter, talks about odd items left behind in NYC cabs, ranging from $20,000 worth of gold bars to a dog named BooBoo.

Some of the Items Left in Cabs (via DNAinfo)

  • A $30,000 emerald-cut center stone ring with diamonds 
  • A wedding veil
  • “Game of Thrones” shot glasses 
  • A beer pong table
  • $15,000 worth of fertility drugs 
  • A TASER gun resembling a flashlight 
  • A vinyl pouch containing $75,000 worth of jewelry, including two Cartier watches, an antique fob, diamond earrings and pearls 
  • A 1968 Hofner bass guitar 
  • A violin made by 18th Century Italian master Johannes Antonius Marchi
  • Two $10,000 saxophones