How “I Hope You Dance” Changed Everything

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Lee Ann Womack in 2013

On the way to the bank to sign a $400,000 loan, Mary Miller heard Lee Ann Womack’s “I Hope You Dance” on the radio. “When you come close to selling out, reconsider,” she sang. Mary did reconsider, and on the verge of signing the papers, decided to cancel the deal. Lucky for her, since the housing market was about to crash. Miller now makes her living her own way — singing country music and jazz standards.

(Originally aired October 26, 2012)

Video: Lee Ann Womack, "I Hope You Dance"


Music Playlist

  1. All Shook Up

    Artist: Sandy Nelson
    Album: Rock 'n' Roll Drum Beat
    Label: Ace Records UK
  2. I Hope You Dance

    Artist: Lee Ann Womack
    Album: I Hope You Dance
    Label: MCA Nashville
  3. Hey Good Lookin'

    Artist: Hank Williams
    Album: Hey Good Lookin'
    Label: Classic Records
  4. Volare

    Artist: Dean Martin
    Album: Volare (Nel blu dipinto di blu)
    Label: TNA records
  5. I Hope You Dance (Lee Ann Womack Bluegrass Tribute)

    Artist: Bluegrass Tribute Players
    Album: Three Wooden Crosses Bluegrass Tribute
    Label: Cc Entertainment