Le1f: A Unique And Magnetic Voice In Hip Hop

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Le1f is just one of the outstanding recent Soundcheck performers under 30.

Watching Le1f perform live, it's clear you're witnessing something unique. The magnetic New York rapper commands the stage with choreographed dance moves and wild body gesticulations, often culminating with Le1f taking down his long hair and whipping it around in a cyclone of braids -- all while spitting his idiosyncratic deep-voiced wordplay without skipping a beat. It's all the more impressive because Le1f (born Khalif Diouf) takes his performance as seriously as his rhymes: he studied ballet and modern dance, earning a degree in dance from Wesleyan University; he's a fashion icon with a so-called “hoodrat Tumblr aesthetic;" and he's known in the LGBTQ community for being both out and proudly outspoken.

Now, following standout sets at last year's South By Southwest, the unreal success of his "Wut" music video, and a pair of stellar mixtapes -- 2013's Fly Zone and Tree House -- the MC and producer looks poised for a major breakout in 2014, with his just-released major label EP, Hey, and a full-length in the works. Le1f's dance-ready music is edgy and experimental, mixing dark electronic tracks with big beats and rapidfire phrasing. And while the production is always ambitious and borders on the avant garde, these songs will still get you moving on the dance floor in a hurry. 

Set List:


  • "Wut"
  • "Sup"
  • "Boom"