Latest News: Procedural Vote Moves Ahead, Limited Metro North Service on New Haven Line, Court Upholds City Vendor Limits

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Good afternoon.  Here are the latest headlines from the WNYC newsroom.

The fight is far from over -- but for now, a measure that would avert a partial government shutdown has easily cleared an initial Senate hurdle. Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz joined in the unanimous procedural vote to allow the measure to move ahead -- shortly after finishing a 21-hour-and-19-minute Senate floor speech. He's still hoping to derail the spending bill in order to deny Democrats the ability to remove a provision that was added by the House -- one that would remove funding for President Barack Obama's health care overhaul.

There is extremely limited Metro North service on the New Haven line between Grand Central and Connecticut. The MTA says because of a Con Ed power outage, no electric trains can operate. The transit agency is advising passengers to find alternatives since the limited diesel trains are not running frequently and will be crowded. The MTA is cross honoring tickets on the Harlem Line and is suggesting passengers seek alternate means of transportation. The power problems are expected to continue into tomorrow.

A New York appeals court has upheld new regulations that limit the number of art vendors allowed in Manhattan's busiest parks. The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan ruled Wednesday. It denied First Amendment claims by street artists seeking to stop the New York City Parks Department from enforcing new rules. The city said the parks had become too crowded. But the lawsuit argued that greenmarket and holiday commercial vendors create more congestion in the parks than the artists.

Tonight: a low of 56 degrees with partly cloudy skies. Tomorrow: partly sunny and warmer with highs in the mid 70s.