"Last Forever"

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We consider the gravesites of forgotten famous people, the life cycle of the lowly mayfly (in a play by David Ives), and the staying power of music by Dick Connette and Sonya Cohen, from the band "Last Forever," who perform their music live in the studio.

Regina Thomashauer, the proprietress of Mama Gina’s School for Womanly Arts, thinks it’s women ”“ an untapped resource.

Something to forget him by
A walk through "the most celebrity-stocked cemetery in New York" with Fred Goodman, who's writing a book on the once-famous residents of Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx. It's the final resting place of Fiorello la Guardia, Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, Herman Melville, and Austin Corbin. Austin Corbin?

Lost art
Eight years ago, Jonathan Blum's entire portfolio disappeared from the trunk of his car ”“ as he remembers it, some of the finest work he's ever made. Recently, at one of his openings, a woman recognized his work. In fact, for nearly a decade, she’d been harboring his lost portfolio, unable to identify its owner. They arrange to meet, so that she can hand it over. Listen to what happens. You can see Jonathan's paintings at www.jonathanblumportraits.com.

Time Flies
"A day in the life of" two mayflies (an expression that, when you're a mayfly, is something of a redundancy). Written by David Ives, with Anne O'Sullivan as May, Arnie Burton as Horace, and Robert Stanton as David Attenborough. Directed by John Rando, and produced for radio by the Next Big Thing's Curtis Fox, with help from recording engineer Eve Selzer.
(Not available on the Web because of contractual obligations.)

Where’d you get those peepers?
In Queens, silly. Host Dean Olsher traipses where the wild things are with Michael Feller, deputy chief of the Natural Resources Group of New York City’s Parks Department, and Ellen Payhek, local ecologist.

Last Forever
Host Dean Olsher hangs out with Dick Connette and Sonya Cohen of the band Last Forever, whose most recent album, Trainfare Home, is an homage to classic American Folk music. The band also performs live in the studio. Last Forever has two CDs on the Nonesuch label. To find out more, visit www.lastforever.net.

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