Meet Larry Sanders, Bernie's Big Brother

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No one knows Senator Bernie Sanders better, or longer, than his big brother Larry.

Larry has lived in Oxford, England since 1969 and has dabbled in local government across the pond. He's now back in the United States and by his brother's side as he travels the country in his bid for president.

Larry Sanders, Bernie's only sibling, has fond memories of their childhood growing up in Brooklyn, where he says FDR, the Brooklyn Dodgers and corn beef and pastrami sandwiches ruled. He has bitter, sad memories of losing his parents when Larry and Bernie were just starting out in life, having to fend for themselves from a young age. 

Senator Sanders gives credit to his big brother for introducing him to the ideas that helped shape his political future. Growing up in New York at the time, they were part of the post-WWII, Jewish radicalism generation, mixed with the Beat Movement. They were faces in the crowd in the beginning, says Larry, not leading the rallies. For Larry, it continues to be an emotional journey.  

What you'll learn from this segment:

  • The relationship between the Sanders brothers. 
  • How the Sanders childhood shaped Bernie Sanders's political career and presidential run. 
  • How Larry continues to be a guide for his younger brother.