Lane Closures and Angry Officials

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New Jersey lawmakers are questioning why the Port Authority closed the local lanes to the George Washington Bridge in early September.

Lanes were closed for nearly a week -- without any notice to the public, elected officials, or law enforcement.

State lawmakers Monday plan to question Port Authority leaders about the closures that caused huge traffic problems on the bridge two months ago. Local officials say they weren't told in advance and some officials have suggested the closures were "abusive."


John Wisniewski -- the chairman of the Assembly transportation committee -- has asked the heads of the Port Authority to explain why the lanes were closed.

If they don't show up, Wisniewski can subpoena officials from the bi-state agency.

He says the committee can take that action, "Should we not receive the answers and cooperation that we think is appropriate."

He adds, "At worst, this was an abuse of power. At best, this was a clumsy and sloppy operation."

The hearing comes after suspicions were raised that Chris Christie loyalists were behind the lane closures.