'La Llorona': A Spooky Folk Song With Many Lives

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An actor dresses as La Llorona at a celebration Oct. 31, 2015 in Guatemala City.

Just about everyone of a certain age who grew up in a Latinx household can attest to the power of the tale of La Llorona as a disciplinary tool at bedtime. "You better go to sleep or La Llorona will come into your room and take you away!" is what many of us heard as we hid our heads under the covers.

The tale has an old folk song that goes along with it, and what better musical backdrop for NPR's The Salt's presentation of Día de los Muertos? (Tune in around 1 p.m. ET on NPR's Facebook page to watch.)

So here is a list — by no means definitive — of some favorite versions of "La Llorona," and even a few surprising renditions. Warning: Do not listen to this playlist at night. With the wind blowing. And with creepy noises just outside your window.

Just sayin'.

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