Kojo Botsio

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 Kojo Botsio, 1964

This episode is from the WNYC archives. It may contain language which is no longer politically or socially appropriate.

From card catalog: Foreign Minister Kojo Botsio of Ghana talks about his country's viewpoint concerning Africa's relationship to the United States, USSR, and Communist China. He also discusses Africa's aims and aspirations and gives Ghana's views on specific situations. Question and answer.

As a result of World War 2, vanquished and vanquishing countries got mixed up and created Western (Washington) and Eastern (Moscow) blocs for the Cold War. Consider There is no difference between Moscow and Peking, just as there is no difference between France and the United States.

Everybody is terrified by nuclear warfare. Disarmament and world peace are inexorably connected. We are all interested in the question of disarmament and world peace.

National liberation movements.

General instability comes from independent nations that have not achieved a high standard of living. Haves and have-nots. The gulf between advanced and developing countries is widening. Something must be done if the world is to have peace and prosperity.

The UN is considered by them as the best organization in the world to serve all nations, developed and developing.

Aspirations of Africa: 35 independent African states in a quest for a higher standard of living, divided in to factions. Work of OAU (Organisation of African Unity) to establish African personality, fight for a high standard of living. Africa cannot remain half slave and half free. Peculiar system of colonialism, white minority leaders in charge. Without the opportunities for economic advancement, life is not worth living.

Question and answer led by Julie Andrews. Why did the negotiations over the Congo break down? The commission was not allowed to do its work. Legitimate government of the Congo? They'll talk about that tomorrow. Ghana does recognize the current government of Congo. Financial crisis with the UN? Part of the Cold War business; every member of the UN is duty-bound to pay as agreed to by all. Complicated by the Congo issue.

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