Keren Ann: Songwriter, Composer, Pop Music Chameleon

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Keren Ann's previous album, '101,' was released in 2011.

Keren Ann Zeidel is something of a musical chameleon, changing her sound or her medium from project to project. A singer-songwriter, producer, composer, and sound designer, Keren Ann has not only put out six recordings under her own name, but has written music for a variety of other formats: She wrote the original film score for the feature Yossi; has had songs featured on TV series like Grey’s Anatomy, and Six Feet Under. And even more impressive, she co-wrote the opera Red Waters with Bardi Johansson, which was produced by The Opera de Rouen and performed in four different opera houses in France. 

It's been almost exactly three years since she released her critically acclaimed 2011 album101, a record of pristine synth pop, ghostly melodies, and shadowy noir atmosphere. And while there is still no news of a new album, (Zeidel had a baby in 2012), the Israel-born musician is now resurfacing in New York to perform at City Winery, as part of the Newish Jewish Musical Festival -- and to play in the Soundcheck studio.

This segment originally aired on March 25, 2014.