Kelsey Grammer Would Like To Be Twitter's Resident Grammarian

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Former fictional radio host Kelsey Grammer has begun using Twitter, and is supposedly hell-bent on correcting the grammar of wayward Twitter users. 

Grammer has two tweets so far. They spell out the joke pretty clearly.  

Now, look. I'm not a cynic. If a celebrity wants to suddenly engage in whimsical hijinks on a social network, I'm all for it. But if I WERE some sort of cynic, I might notice that Grammer has a new television show to promote. I might also note that his co-star in the television show has also suddenly ramped up his Twitter activity. And I might choose to abstain from mentioning either the show or the co-star, because the whole endeavor might make feel just slightly used.

It's like a lot of things on the internet -- the social media stunt ends up being disappointing because the thing it's supposed to draw your attention to is less interesting than the stunt itself. Which world would you rather live in? One where a TV actor suddenly becomes an internet grammar obsessive, or one in which another new TV show about lawyers has been made?

But again, like I said, I am not a cynic. If Mr. Grammer is serious about cleaning up the messy, run-on sentence strewn streets of the Twitterverse, great. And if he continues on his quest, if he commits to the silliness he's started, maybe I'll even watch this lawyer show.