Joseph On World Cafe

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Joseph performs live at the 2016 Non-COMMvention at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia.
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Don't let the name fool you: The Portland, Ore., band Joseph is a trio of sisters, none of whom are called Joseph. They're actually Allison, Meegan and Natalie Closner, who named their band after the Oregon town where their grandfather Jo once lived. Natalie was the Closner sister responsible for the group's formation; after she'd begun writing and performing, she realized how much more powerful the music could be with the addition of her siblings' voices.

Joseph's ATO Records debut, I'm Alone, No You're Not, was produced by Mike Mogis of Bright Eyes. As gorgeous as the sisters sound on the album, it's a revelation to hear them sing live. Listen for yourself in this session, recorded onstage at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia.

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