Join our Ulysses Book Club!

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1922 drawing of Joyce by Djuna Barnes

Ulysses is one of the hardest books to read. It’s been called the toughest, most challenging, most impossible, most give-up-on-able book, a book that no one can finish. But at The Leonard Lopate Show Book Club, we love a challenge. We can get you there. Think of the bragging rights!

We will do this together. The book is confusing and jarring and a little strange, so we will be lining up experts and authors to help you out, and through our Newsletter and Facebook event, we will be reading (or cliff-noting) our way to the end of this book.

How to get involved:

Sign up for our Newsletter, and get all the latest news about how we will be reading this book

Join our Facebook Event. Think of this as your discussion board, a giant group chat where we can all discuss the book together. We will also have experts there chiming in and answering questions from time to time. 

Here's our schedule:

  • Episodes 1-3 by March 13
  • Episodes 4-6 by March 17
  • Episodes 7-9 by March 31
  • Episodes 10-11 by April 14
  • More to come!