John Hodgman Judges Your Jokes

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

John Hodgman in the WNYC Studios (Amy Pearl/WNYC)

You think you have a funny joke. Author, actor and humorist John Hodgman will judge it on its merits. Plus: he'll talk about the Ragnarok Survival Kit he has put together.


John Hodgman

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Anybody who lets a 9 year-old fire an Uzi in full automatic mode ought to have his head examined....And now he probably will.

Too soon?

Aug. 29 2014 09:17 AM
Bob from Yonkers from Yonkers

I just tuned in and only heard the last two or three minutes of this guy but it was more than enough for me. He's the most irritating, narcissistic, self-absorbed, snide character I've had the misfortune of hearing on Brian Lehrer.

May. 20 2014 12:11 PM
art525 from Park Slope

WOW! I judge this to be totally lacking in humor. It could not be less funny.

May. 20 2014 12:00 PM
Elizabeth from Kingston, NY

2 cannibals sitting around a fire, eating a clown. One cannibal says to the other: this taste funny to you?

May. 20 2014 11:56 AM
oscar from ny

So king Solomon was a the rentvof meeting with his friends and I believe it was his brother who took the life if general I think and so Solomon had to do justice by killing him because his brother killed someone higher than him so his brother runs to the ark of the covenants to hide and Solomon sends his friend to kill him with a sword and the his blood spills all over the ark ๐Ÿ˜‚

May. 20 2014 10:42 AM
Ed from Larchmont

I don't remember if it's Gideon, I think it was, in the Bible where he is asked to lead the battle against an enemy nation, and he goes into his house and hides next to his bed. An angel appears to him and addresses him: 'Come, fearless warrior'. Funny.

May. 20 2014 09:13 AM

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