Jimmy Kimmel Will Keep Hoaxing, The Media Will Continue To Fall For It

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On our podcast a couple weeks ago, I posited that the reason we haven't seen a massive viral hoax so far this year is because people are becoming smarter about it. In an article I wrote last week, I actually included a paragraph about my suspicions that an app that was getting reported as legit was, in fact a hoax (and I was correct). The king of meaningless pranks, Jimmy Kimmel disagrees.

Peter Kafka of Re/Code sat down with Kimmel at SXSW and discussed his Sochi wolf prank, and the twerking disaster video. Kimmel seemed to think he could continue this kind of thing indefinitely, and that the media will never wise up:

As long as people want to be the first one to post something, to get people to click through, it will be easy. If people start evaluating material, it will make it more difficult. [Laughs]. But I don’t see that happening. I don’t see us headed in that direction.

He also said that he's not trying to make any kind of point with these hoaxes. "I leave those comments for others to make," says Kimmel. "I just think it’s funny."

So, to Summarize - Jimmy Kimmel will continue to post hoax videos, and has no point. Got it.