Jim James On World Cafe

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Jim James' new album is called <em>Eternally Even.</em><em></em>

Jim James, the leader of the Louisville, Ky., band My Morning Jacket, has a new solo album, Eternally Even. It's a political album — not because it is directly about climate change or immigration or this election's other hot-button issues, but because it addresses the mindset that has led to such a divided nation. It's about love and fear. These are issues that James has been grappling with over the last year or so — but the album couldn't have been released at a more opportune time.

This is also an extremely enjoyable album to listen to from a purely musical standpoint. Guitarist and producer Blake Mills, who also worked on the most recent Alabama Shakes and Ray LaMontagne albums, helped illuminate James' vision. Hear a conversation with James and some of the songs from Eternally Even in this session.

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