JFK Airport Reopened After Plane Skidded into Snowbank

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JFK Airport has reopened after being shut down for nearly 2 hours Sunday morning, when a small plane skidded off a taxiway into a snowbank. Officials warned travelers should expect residual delays and call their airlines to confirm departures and arrivals.

In an email statement, Port Authority spokesman Ron Marsico said the plane that skidded was Delta Flight 4100 from Toronto with 35 persons aboard. He said the plane slid into a snowbank while turning onto a taxiway after landing safely on Runway 22L.  

No injuries were reported.  

The Port Authority and FAA temporarily closed the airport so that crews could salt and sand the runways.

The temperature at JFK airport was below freezing when the plane landed at about 8 o'clock this morning and there were reports of freezing rain in the New York City area. The forecast called for temperatures to rise into the upper 30s through the afternoon.