Jewish Christmas

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If you like to pretend that the holidays are not happening, then maybe you also celebrate what's known as Jewish Christmas: a movie and Chinese food. Well, somehow word got out. These days, movie theaters and Chinese restaurants are crowded on Christmas Day. Just as non-Christians have co-opted Christmas as a secular holiday, Christians seem to have co-opted Jewish Christmas. So if you can't beat 'em, join 'em, right? Today, we acknowledge, to one degree or another, that there is not only Christmas but an overlapping of three holidays celebrated by the world's main monotheistic religions.

Segment A:

What's the Next Big Thing
Journalist Eric Copage
Film critic Roger Ebert
Trinidadian cook Cecelia Ojoe

Life after Blueberry Bagels?
Food writer Fred Plotkin reports on the Slow Food movement in Turin, Italy, which leads him to wonder -- and worry -- about the commercialization of traditional American foods.

Poetry by Suheir Hammad
A poem about a pop singer-Umm Kulthoum-who is beloved by millions of Arabs.

Segment B:

Yiddish Tango
It's no joke. Jenny Levison performs the little known repertoire of Yiddish Tango.

Santa Poem
Santa, it turns out, is a war veteran who lives in an uptown residential hotel, in this "reported poem" by New York Times writer Charlie LeDuff.

Segment C:

A Child's Christmas in Wales
Dylan Thomas's one-of-a-kind magical voice. Here he reads his classic tale of Christmas memories in Wales.

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