Jessica Lange to Retire

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Jessica Lange says she’s ready to call it quits — almost.

She tells Kurt Andersen that she’s poised to finish up her performing career, which includes two Oscars and 13 Golden Globes, "in a couple years." One of those Globes was for her performance the hit FX miniseries American Horror Story. Sorry, fans: next season, she says, will be her last.

This isn’t the first time that Lange has flirted with leaving the show, though show-runner Ryan Murphy has been ever hopeful. This time, however, Lange insists this isn’t some passing fancy: “I have a plan afoot!”

“I have a play that I want to do, maybe one or two films that I’d still like to do,” Lange says. But she’s drawing a line. “If I don’t make something definitive, things just kind of keep going and keep going,” she explains. “But if I somehow say that I have two or three more years to do this and then I’m done, it will force me, like in the old days, to begin a new adventure.”

Hear more of her conversation with Kurt on this weekend's show.