Jersey in the Rear View

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Gov. Chris Christie, joined by his wife, Mary Pat, and son, Patrick, announces his candidacy for the Republican nomination for president on Tuesday.
From New Jersey Public Radio

Governor Christie announced he was officially running for president last week then immediately hit the road.

He continued his never-ending tour of New Hampshire. He blanketed the airwaves - making appearances on NBC, CBS, Fox News and MSNBC.

One place where we’re NOT seeing him much is New Jersey. So what happens to that state now that Christie is really running?

New Jersey Public Radio's Matt Katz says, "There's just simply a lot less governing going on."

Also on this week's show, host David Furst speaks with Patrick Murray, Director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute. The latest Monmouth University poll says a majority of New Jersey residents think Christie should resign now that he’s running for president.

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