Jerry Springer: Trump's Reality TV Speak Made his Rise 'Inevitable'

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Talk show host Jerry Springer is shown in New York, Thursday, April 15, 2010.
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Few understand the strategy that Donald Trump is bringing to the 2016 election better than Jerry Springer. The former mayor of Cincinnati and host of "The Jerry Springer Show" managed to gain the trust of hundreds who would air their dirty laundry.

Springer is now in a much different environment than the stage he used to direct. He's a Hillary Clinton supporter and the current host of The Jerry Springer Podcast.

Today on The Takeaway, Springer argues that, like an ad for a new car, Trump is using grandiose adjectives, superlatives, and repetition to lure voters in — a winning combination in our entertainment-obsessed culture. Click on the 'Listen' button above to hear the full conversation.