Jenny Lewis On 'The Voyager'; WTF's Marc Maron Picks Three; How Herman's Hermits Hit No. 1

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Jenny Lewis performs in the Soundcheck studio.

In this episode: Singer-songwriter Jenny Lewis rose to prominence as the vocalist for the guitar pop band Rilo Kiley. Her latest solo album, The Voyager, was six years in the making, and features production work from Beck and Ryan Adams among others. Hear Lewis and her band play a few new songs and an old classic in the Soundcheck studio.

Comedian Marc Maron is the host of the hugely popular podcast WTF, and star of the IFC series Maron. We call him up in his famous garage to talk about music snobbery, his growing vinyl collection, and his passion for blues guitar riffs -- plus, he shares a few of his favorite songs as part Soundcheck's Pick Three series.

Charts guru Chris Molanphy explains how two songs by the British group Herman's Hermits hit No. 1 in 1965 -- “Mrs. Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter” and “I’m Henry VIII, I Am,” as part of Soundcheck's series That Was A Hit?!?

This is an encore edition of Soundcheck.