Jen Shyu: Weaving Tradition and Modernity In Song

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Jen Shyu

Vocalist, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Jen Shyu performs her dramatic, unusual music in the WNYC Studio. Shyu weaves together influences from jazz, classical, and various traditions including music of Korea and Java, as well as Taiwan and East Timor where her parents were born. Shyu speaks with David Garland about her musical odyssey, and performs pieces from her new solo opera "Solo Rites: Seven Breaths." Using Taiwanese moon lute, piano, Korean gayageum, and her extraordinary singing voice, Jen Shyu addresses heritage, politics, poetry, and women's issues and experiences.


Jen Shyu "Qemaiaqaiam: Taiwanese Women’s Song of the Pinuyumayan people" on WNYC's Spinning On Air


Jen Shyu "Song for Naldo" on WNYC's Spinning On Air