#3787: Jazz With a Groove

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Hear jazz with a groove on tonight’s show, including piano trios with rock and/or hip-hop leanings, or with a whiff of minimalism or post-minimalism, along with groove-driven jazz drawn from other places around the world. Listen to an arrangement of  a traditional Finnish folk song by saxophonist/composer Ochion Jewell, who has Appalachian roots in Kentucky. Then, hear trio music by French-born pianist/composer Romain Collin  which might evoke associations with Steve Reich. Also, listen to British pianist/bandleader Neil Cowley, who has worked as Adele’s pianist, but in his trio setting manages to bring thrash and groove to his jazz.

There’s more music out of the jazz world as John revisits Carla Bley’s unusual record, “Escalator Over the Hill,” which some try to label a jazz opera, but its sources are as diverse as jazz, rock and country music, Indian classical forms, hipster poetry, and blistering free-improv. There’s also chamber jazz music which looks to Southeast Asia from pianist/composer Anthony Davis from the 1980’s. Plus, hear music from pianist/composer Matthew Shipp with rhythmic nods to hip-hop as his tune, “Cohesion,” is anchored by a beatmaker FLAM's progamming, and more.

PROGRAM #3787  Jazz With a Groove (First Aired 10-20-2015)





Ochion Jewel


Kun Mun Kultani Tulisi, excerpt [1:00]


Romain Collin

Press Enter

99 [2:04]


Neil Cowley Trio

Loud, Louder, Stop

Dinosaur Die [6:09]

CAKE #78551 
Available at iTunes or Amazon.com

Romain Collin

Press Enter

Raw, Scorched and Untethered [6:00]

See above.

Ochion Jewel


Kun Mun Kultani Tulisi [7:40]


Carla Bley

Escalator Over the Hill

A.I.R. (All India Radio) [4:01]

JCOA Records (LP)
WATT/ECM - #839310-2

Anthony Davis


Wayang II, Shadowdance [7:36]

Gramavision – GR 8101 LP, (1981)
Reissued in 1995 on
Gramavision Records - #GCD 79508
Out of print, try Amazon.com or auction sites 

Kahil El Zabar's The Ritual

Another Kind of Groove

Little Gwen [6:37]

Sound Aspects (1986)
Out of print.  Information here: kahilelzabar.net/ritualtrio.htm

Matthew Shipp

Greatest Hits

Cohesion [6:36]

Thirsty Ear THI57205