James Bond inspires Dia de los Muertos parade in Mexico City

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ALISON STEWART, PBS NEWSHOUR WEEKEND ANCHOR: Tomorrow is Halloween, when American children — and many adults — dress up in costumes. But the reach of Halloween continues to grow around the world. Berlin this weekend saw its eighth annual zombie walk. Tokyo turned a shopping district into a pedestrian zone last night so families could revel in their costumes. There was at least one Donald Trump.

PERSON IN COSTUME: I want to build a wall!

ALISON STEWART: Then there was Mexico City, where the traditional “Day of the Dead” occurs later this week, the celebration had a twist.

More than a 1,000 dancers, acrobats, and actors paraded through the streets of Mexico City yesterday in elaborate costumes in a case of life imitating art.

Last year’s James Bond movie, “Spectre,” opened with a “day of the dead” parade featuring floats, puppets, and skeletons.

The sequence, filmed in Mexico City, became the inspiration for yesterday’s parade. It’s part of a campaign by the government to bring tourists to there for the ancient Aztec “Day of the Dead.”

Traditionally, Mexicans set up altars to the dead each November 1st and 2nd, and pay tribute to lost loved ones. To some in attendance, intermingling “Day of the Dead” and Halloween was inevitable.

PERSON IN PARADE: Of course, it is being confused with Halloween. But it depends on us, the Mexican adults, to revive this tradition and make them (children) understand it.

ALISON STEWART: To others, incorporating Halloween and new traditions comes at the expense of older rituals.

PERSON IN PARADE: People wear wooden masks, dance across the city, make arcs at the gates of the house, cook zacahuil and all of that. It is really cool, very traditional, super Mexican, but no one has heard about it.

ALISON STEWART: Tens of thousands of spectators watched the parade – many in costume which featured props used in the James Bond movie.

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