It's (Almost) Mid-Term Time

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

US President Barack Obama delivers his State of the Union address before a joint session of Congress on February 12, 2013 at the US Capitol in Washington. (MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty)

Mara Liasson, NPR national politics correspondent, discusses the latest news out of Washington, previews the 2014 races to watch, and calculates how Democrats and Republicans are going to position themselves on immigration, inequality, and more.


Mara Liasson

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RUCB_Alum from Central New Jersey

"...the landscape tilts against the Democrats this year..." ml

What horse-sh*t, Mara.

Closing the government, hurting the credit rating, focusing on repealing Obamacare rather than programs to improve employment - The GOP has put self-interest ahead of national interest so many times that their entire slate of candidates ought to feel at risk.

The stakes in 2014 -

-39 Governors
-35 US Senators and
-435 House seats

The Tea Party has lost much of its 'steam' and the Koch Bros are about to spend hundreds of millions in an attempt to buy the Congress...Too bad for them.

To ensure a Democratic return to the majority *in name as well as in fact*, the Democrats need to run on spreading the recovery to the rest of us. Bankers, automakers, mortgage providers, 1 percenters have all recovered but the return to full employment has been slow, projects that make the ENTIRE economy more productive have gone undone and the little guys incomes has been neglected. A coherent program to return more of the national income to middle and lower class pockets will also get voters to the polls.

2014 - the Year to vote for RECOVERY for the rest of us!

Feb. 19 2014 10:50 AM
Martin Chuzzlewit from Manhattan


"The Republicans are running against the policies of President Obama and the Democrats are running against the (mythical) Tea Party.

Feb. 19 2014 10:39 AM
Martin Chuzzlewit from Manhattan

"Inequality" is a big midterm campaign issue??? Really???

Only because Obama and the Dems looked for another class warfare issue to distract the people, and then gave the liberal media marching orders to hammer away at this topic relentlessly.
Inequality, inequality, inequality.

Despite all of this propaganda of a sudden crisis of inequality (instead of lazy, inept economic leadership) polls repeatedly show that the public isn't buying it and doesn't consider it a priority issue. (Or even a real one.)

LOL, the White House even was brazen enough to brag to Politico last year that they would make "inequality" the key issue for the midterms....and use places like WNYC (the MSNBC of talk radio) to achieve this.

Feb. 19 2014 10:09 AM

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