#3272: It Was a Voice

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For this New Sounds, we'll experience the various manipulations of the voice.  From Alvin Lucier's wonder, "I am Sitting in a Room," to the Frances-Marie Uitti & Paul Griffiths collaboration "There is Still Time," we'll listen to composers who start with a voice or text and end up producing something radically different from the original.

Alvin Lucier's 1969 piece "I Am Sitting In A Room," actually uses a room's natural resonance to produce the music over time as the initial utterance decays.  Then, Paul Griffiths's reading of the words he cobbled together from Ophelia's text in Hamlet are set to music by cellist Frances-Marie Uitti.  There's also a work by Carl Stone that was based on a Mozart opera, and something from Paul De Marinis based on a record of the French language.

PROGRAM # 3272,  It Was a Voice  (First aired on 11/12/2011)                                                 





Steve Reich

Early Works

Come Out, excerpt [2:00]

Nonesuch 79169
www.nonesuch.com or available at Amazon.com

Alvin Lucier

I Am Sitting In A Room

I Am Sitting In A Room, edited [15:25] (the John Schaefer radio edit)

Lovely Music, #1013

Frances Marie Uitti & Paul Griffiths

there is still time

there it was [5:13]
the bells [2:44]

ECM #1882

Paul De Marinis

Music As a Second Language

Fonetica Francese [4:07]

Lovely Music 3011

Carl Stone

Four Pieces

Sonali [16:58]

EAM Discs #201.