Episode 5: It Happened

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Co-captain Cameron Molina, center, celebrates with teammates after Saturday's game against the Wagner College Seahawks.

After three weeks of steady progress — but still no win — there was a sense that Saturday's game between the Columbia Lions and the Wagner Seahawks could be the night things finally changed.

And let’s not sit on the news: After two years of losing, Columbia won, beating Wagner 26-3.

But the game was more than just a clash between two football teams. With the win, it might finally put to rest a conflict that pitted Columbia alums against one another and with the university at large. That multi-year battle dramatically reshaped the Lions and set the stage for what could be a new era in Columbia football history, if the team keeps winning.

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columbia vs. wagner football game, october 10, 2015
the season, columbia vs. wagner football game, october 10, 2015