Isabella Rossellini Acts Out Underwater Mating Rituals

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Isabella Rossellini in "Green Porno" at BAM

Isabella Rossellini talks about her one-woman stage adaptation of her Sundance series “Green Porno.” She acts out the surprisingly kinky and strange mating rituals of insects and marine life—the praying mantis eats its partner while copulating, the male bee loses his penis when he mates; and the shrimp’s foreplay involves shimmying out of its shell. “Green Porno” is a quirky, cheeky zoology lesson brought vividly to life onstage by Rossellini’s storytelling. “Green Porno: Live on Stage” is at BAM January 16-25.

Rossellini says she took inspiration from silent film and Buster Keaton. She said that when you look at nature, perfection is not what counts. What counts in diversity."