Invisibilia: The Secret History Of Thoughts

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Invisibilia is a new series about the unseen forces that control human behavior -- things like ideas, beliefs and assumptions. Each Sunday night for the next six weeks, Invisibilia takes you on a journey through the brain.

The first episode, "The Secret History Of Thoughts," ponders the question: "Are my thoughts related to my inner wishes... and do they reveal who I really am?" The answer can have profound consequences for your life. We tell the story of a man gripped by violent thoughts, and explore how various psychologists make sense of his experience. We also introduce you to a man trapped inside his head for 13 years with thoughts as his only companion.

"The Secret History Of Thoughts" airs Sunday, January 11 at 7pm on 93.9FM.

Co-hosted by Lulu Miller and Alix Spiegel, who helped create Radiolab and This American Life, Invisibilia interweaves narrative storytelling and fascinating new psychological and brain science, in a way that ultimately makes you see your own life differently.