Invisibilia: The Problem with the Solution

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In this episode of Invisibilia, we find that the solution can be the problem. The hour begins with a charming couple from Utah who stumble across a clever fix to their clogged drain problem one day while they are showering together. For them, the impulse to fix the problem leads to a happy adventure into the world of patenting and manufacturing a new product. From there, the hour takes a turn to explore how this very same impulse to fix a problem — the impulse that has led the human species to invent telephones and bicycles and rocket ships — has surprising consequences when it comes to the problem of mental illness.

Listen Thursday, July 7 at 9pm on 93.9FM

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This week, we take a deeper look at the unique approach to mental health care in Geel, Belgium. We meet Mr. Kitt, who was able to get off the street, get clean, and become an artist thanks to a community housing nonprofit in New York. Jackie Goldstein, a psychologist who spent decades studying Geel and other experiments in community care for people with mental illness, talks about howreducing stigma can improve mental health. And NPR reporters Pam Fessler and Nate Rott visit community housing sites on East and West coasts that aim to provide sanctuary, not just shelter.

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