The Internet Archive Has Started Uploading 40,000 Videotapes Worth of TV News

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Fast Company reports that the Internet Archive has begun uploading its collection of years and years of TV news recorded by Marion Stokes and bequeathed to the collection. 

In TLDR #9, we talked to Stokes' son about the how and the why of the years his mom spent constantly recording television, and about his uphill battle to get any institution to accept that collection after her death. 

One small but interesting, global correction to this story. In the first round of reporting about Marion Stokes, the number of tapes she'd accumulated was reported as 140,000 (for instance, our original piece uses that number). In this new Fast Company piece, writer Sarah Kessler says that, with the uploading process underway, the Stokes's have realized that there's actually less material than they thought -- 40,000 videotapes.