Intelligence Squared: Smart Technology Is Making Us Dumb

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Smart technology grants us unprecedented, immediate access to knowledge and to each other—a ubiquitous and seamless presence in everyday life. But is there a downside to all of this connectivity?

It’s been said that smart technology creates dependency on devices, narrows our world to echo chambers, and impairs cognitive skills through shortcuts and distraction. Are smart tech devices guiding so much of our decision making that we are losing autonomy without even realizing it? Or are these concerns an overstatement of the negative effects of high-tech consumption?

This debate from Intelligence Squared U.S. brings together four panelists to debate the question. 

For the motion is:

  • Nicholas Carr, author of The Glass Cage: Automation and Us and The Shallows
  • Andrew Keen, Internet entrepreneur and author of The Internet Is Not the Answer

Against the motion is:

  • Genevieve Bell, anthropologist and VP of Intel Corporation
  • David Weinberger, senior research at the Berkman Center and author of Too Big To Know

Tune in:

  • Saturday, June 27 at 6am on 93.9FM/NJPR
  • Saturday, June 27 at 2pm on AM 820
  • Saturday, June 27 at 9pm on NJPR
  • Sunday, June 28 at 8pm on AM 820

Or watch the debate below: