Inside Co-Location

School Auditorium

Under the Bloomberg administration, the number of "co-located schools"—multiple schools in a single building—has doubled in New York City. Radio Rookies Leslie Batista and Kiala Donald attend one of these schools, which shares building space with five others. Each school operates on a different floor and draws upon students from many different neighborhoods. Sometimes there's tension between students from different schools once the final bell rings. Microphones in hand, Leslie and Kiala took to the hallways to find out more.

(Editor’s note: School officials did not want the name of their school or campus included in this story, so it’s been removed from interviews.)

Leslie and Kiala, the dynamic duo
Leslie and Kiala, the dynamic duo ( Christian Ogando )
Kiala and Leslie
Kiala and Leslie ( Christian Ogando )
Leslie ( Christian Ogando )