#3637: "Indie Classical" and "Garage Chamber"

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Hear so-called “indie classical” works on this New Sounds - music which is at home in both the contemporary classical music world and the indie rock/pop music halls, basements, and dive bars. Listen to the “NYC garage-chamber septet” The Cellar and Point, who use acoustic instruments and electronics to create a sound that is winningly melodic, thoughtful in its balance, groove-heavy, sometimes glitchy, and delightfully unpredictable as the septet straddles all kinds of genres. Members of the group also currently perform with JACK Quartet, Mivos Quartet, Ensemble Signal, and Mantra Percussion. 

There’s also music involving string trio, flute, clarinet, and trumpet by members of yMusic in many different configurations; from the first record, "Beautiful Mechanical," in music by Sarah Kirkland Snider; and a new work by Marcos Balter from their latest, "Balance Problems" (due out 9/30.)  Then, hear new music from My Brightest Diamond, led by the enigmatic composer and vocalist Shara Worden. It's another of her engaging, soaring symphonic pop creations, in a remix by Son Lux, featuring the acrobatic and unbelievable saxophonist Colin Stetson. Plus, listen to music by Sufjan Stevens, the multi-instrumentalist/producer/co-founder of the record label Asthmatic Kitty, from his film and music project, “The BQE,” and more.  

PROGRAM #3637, Indie Classical (First aired on 9/16/2014)  





Sufjan Stevens & the BQE Project

The Brooklyn-Queens Expressway

Sufjan Stevens: The BQE, Movement III Linear Tableau with Intersecting Surprise [4:27]

Asthmatic Kitty 278


Balance Problems

Balter: Bladed Stance [5:46]

Due out September 30, 2014

The Cellar and Point


Arc [6:04]

Cuneiform Records RUNE 376
Due out October 14, 2014

My Brightest Diamond

None More Than You EP

Dreaming Awake (Son Lux mix feat. Colin Stetson) [4:31]

Asthmatic Kitty AKR 343

Son Lux

We Are Rising

Chase [3:01]

Anticon ABR0114

Clogs (feat. Sufjan Stevens & Shara Worden)

The Creatures in the garden of Lady Walton

We Were Here [4:22]

Brassland HWY 021


Beautiful Mechanical

Sarah Kirkland Snider - Daughter of the Waves [8:46]

New Amsterdam 032 www.newamsterdamrecords.com

Missy Mazzoli & Victoire

Cathedral City

The Diver [7:11]

New Amsterdam 25