In Denver, Private Companies Curate Public Art

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Doug Lane (center) and his Fastlane Productions team clean one of five inflatable rabbit sculptures by Australian artist Amanda Parer that appeared in Denver in June as part of a series called "Intrude" commissioned by Arts Brookfield. (Corey H. Jones/CPR News)

You’re likely to see more art in public these days.

That’s partly because the economy is more stable. Cities sponsor art projects as a way to attract more people to downtown areas. Even private businesses are having art made to adorn their buildings.

In Denver, Brookfield Office Properties has been doing just that for years. The company recently brought five inflatable rabbits to the Mile High City. As Corey Jones from Here & Now contributor Colorado Public Radio reports, the exhibit is one example of how private companies are curating their public spaces.

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Corey H. Jones, arts and culture reporter for Colorado Public Radio. He tweets @cprjones.

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