An Imam Responds to the Pope’s Encyclical on the Environment

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Imam Mustafa Umar

This week we’re looking at how Pope Francis’ encyclical on the environment is motivating different faith communities to mobilize to preserve our planet. The pontiff’s encyclical encourages everyone, and particularly the world’s richest nations – including the United States - to urgently address climate change and to protect what the Pope calls our “common home.”

We’re currently in the holy month of Ramadan, which is typically a time of fasting, praying and spiritual reflection in the Muslim community. For Imam Mustafa Umar, it’s also a great opportunity for Muslims, including the members of his mosque, to think about their responsibility for Earth and its resources.

In the final part of our series, “God’s Plan: Faith Communities Mobilize on the Environment,” The Takeaway talks with Imam Umar, education and outreach director at the Islamic Institute of Orange County in Anaheim, California about the conservation message he's sharing with his community.