If You're Mocking the South's Reaction to the Snow, Are You a Jerk?

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A tow truck pulls an abandoned vehicle on an exit ramp along I-75 North during the winter storm January 29, 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia

Cities like Atlanta and Birmingham ground to a halt this week as freak snow and ice storms caused traffic jams, power outages, and mass disruption. Why did the South cope so poorly, and should Northerners who are mocking the response think twice? As Clinton Yates at the Washington Post and Brian Bartlett at Gizmodo have pointed out, many Southern cities don't have the budgets to plan for the snow, and the weather is rare enough that a big reaction to a little snow should be expected. We open the phones for anyone with ties to the South to provide some context. Call 212-433-9692 or post below.