If We Want to Live In Cities, Will We Have To Share Cars?

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"If you live in a city and don't need a car to get to work, you're crazy to be owning one" — Robin Chase

Part 3 of the TED Radio Hour episode Getting There.

About Robin Chase's TEDTalk

Zipcar co-founder Robin Chase makes the case for car-sharing as the solution to global gridlock.

About Robin Chase

If she weren't a proven entrepreneur, you might imagine Robin Chase as a transportation geek, a dedicated civil servant, endlessly refining computer models of freeway traffic.

She co-founded Zipcar in 2000, introducing car-crazy America to the concept of non-ownership. When she founded the company Buzzcar in France, she flipped that model, giving car-owners the opportunity to rent out their vehicles to friends, neighbors and complete strangers. Call it peer-to-peer auto rental.

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