If 5,000 People Retweet This I'll...

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A lot of what happens on the internet is just what happens in high school, transposed onto a broader scale.

Much of this is bad (mean gossip on anonymous apps replaces bathroom walls), some of this is surprising (Grade school cheerleaders on Instagram with armies of followers), and some of it is very funny. 

On Twitter, there's a subgenre of tweet where someone promises to do something if they get X amount of retweets.



It's like inviting a few thousand people on the internet to circle around you and chant "DO IT! DO IT!"

We've been talking about it in the office because last Friday (which was a slow Friday) stumbled upon a high schooler who was promising to throw a water balloon during is high school lunch if he got 10 retweets. We retweeted him, curious to see what would happen.

He got the 10 retweets he wanted, but no water balloon ever flew. Which is almost certainly for the best. But it made me wonder if anyone ever follows through on these kinds of dares. After all, it's not like there's accountability. So I went in search of someone who had gotten their retweets and done what they said they'd do.

I found MIRANDA△ online, and here is our short interview. I'm posting it without any real editing, so please forgive my glaring factual error in the second sentence.

Q: Hi! I'm a reporter and I saw the tweet you did (awhile ago?) trying to get 5000 retweets to get your final canceled. Did it work? 

A. It was to all pass with a C or higher and yes we did she scaled the final exams for us. 

Q. How long did it take to get 5,000? What made it take off?

A. We actually got it within 12 hours and I think once it reached like the hype time between 7-9 that day everybody just started retweeting it

Q. Why did your teacher agree to do it? Do you think that she just didn't think you could get 5,000?

A. Well we were all seniors and we thought it would be interesting to see if we could get it she was actually really surprised. And we took a survey on if we would of tweeted something different maybe we would of had more positive responses to it.

Q. It's hard to imagine that anything would've done better than 5,300 or whatever it got. Did you guys ever try to do anything else like that?

A. I think it just stopped because it reached it's goal, maybe if it had a greater goal it would've kept going. And no none of us tried..

Q. Cool. And do you have a zillion twitter followers from that tweet? Or unrelated?

A. I gained about 2000 from the tweet but that's it Lol

Q. Wow. So wait so how do you have so many followers?

A. Honestly I live in a big city most from that but then a couple famous people followed me and I actually gained a lot from that.

Q. Hm! Cool. OK. Thank you for letting me ask a bunch of silly questions about a tweet from awhile ago.