I Love You Mother Earth, But I Love My iPhone More

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You love the planet and your gadgets, so how do you find a balance?

With the holidays come tons of new gadgets from the iPad to the Xbox. But all of our old electronics have to go somewhere. This week we're sifting through solutions and uses for all our e-crap. First, a chat with environmental icon Al Gore about how to balance our love for the latest smartphone and protecting the earth. Then a conversation with Justin Wetherill who repairs shattered, cracked or otherwise abused smartphones so they won't be tossed. Then, we follow the death (and rebirth) of computer as it makes its way from an outdated hunk of junk to valuable bits of metal, plastic and circuit boards. And finally, the seemingly simple idea — picture a giant oven mitt — that fixes problems with radiators.

Music Playlist

  1. Raag

    Artist: Vinod Prasanna x Okey Szoke x Pompey
  2. City Riding: Morning Coffee

    Artist: Bottlesmoker