Hynes Back in Brooklyn D.A. Race...as a Republican

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The race for Brooklyn District Attorney may not be over after all. Despite conceding to Democrat Ken Thompson on primary night, Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes plans to reactivate his re-election bid, running on the Republican and Conservative party lines.

Hynes, who has served as Brooklyn district attorney for more than two decades, had been considering a return to the race since last week. It became definite Wednesday night after he raised $150,000 at a fundraiser in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, according to his spokesman Jerry Schmetterer.

There are a number of reasons Hynes is getting back into the race, which Schmetterer said he would detail at a formal campaign announcement next Tuesday from the steps of Brooklyn Borough Hall.

But Schmetterer said one of the main reasons was Thompson’s relationships, including, he said,  “the relationship between Ken Thompson and Clarence Norman, the former head of the Democratic Party in Brooklyn."

Norman was convicted three times and went to prison for cases prosecuted by Hynes. James Freedland, a spokesman for the Thompson campaign called the accusation "desperate" and said Norman has not been involved with the Thompson campaign.

Thompson beat Hynes in the primary election 55% to 44%. Thompson said Hynes called him that night and said he would begin immediately assisting with the transition.

“I think he owes the people of Brooklyn, to be fair and honest with what he said on September 10th, which was that we would start working together,” Thompson said Thursday on the Brian Lehrer Show.

If Hynes plans to run as a Republican, Thompson said he will “deal with that and campaign and continue to make my case to the people of Brooklyn.”