Hunting For the Solar System's Biggest Threats

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Image from Dr. Carrie Nugent's "Asteroid Hunters"
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Millions of rocky and metallic leftovers from the formation of the universe orbit the same sun as us, many of them found between Mars and Jupiter in what is known as the asteroid belt. And while most of these asteroids peacefully coexist with planet Earth, some of them end up on more hostile trajectories.

Though it may be terrifying to think that an asteroid could collide with Earth at any moment, some of our planet's citizens have a plan for dealing with hazardous asteroids.

Dr. Carrie Nugent and her scientist colleagues are known colloquially as "asteroid hunters." To date, they have mapped out 25 percent of the asteroids that would cause major damage if they were to collide with the Earth. Though that unknown 75 percent may sound daunting to the non-scientists among us, Dr. Nugent's research has led her to conclude that asteroids are actually the most predictable and preventable of natural disasters. Today on The Takeaway and in her new book"Asteroid Hunters" she explains why.