How Schoolbook Can Help You Find the Right High School

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Are you looking for small grade sizes? Good sports teams? A school close to home? There are so many different factors to consider when looking for a new high school.

Eighth graders throughout the city are finding this out as they rank schools ahead of the Dec. 2 deadline.

Let SchoolBook help. 

Sure, the Department of Education has several books to help parents and students through the process. But we humbly suggest that Schoolbook's database is a great resource to compare various aspects of a school. We take the Department of Education's data and z-score it so you can see how each school compares to similar schools for each factor — be it testing or parent surveys.

To get started simply click on the box that reads "Compare to Other Schools." On a school page it will appear on the lower left hand side. On a search page, it's the check box on the right that says "Add to compare." That's it. Once you've added a few schools, you will see them side by side on a single page.

You can add or delete as many schools as you want by using the "Add another school" in the upper right hand corner. If you add more than four schools, the schools will be put into multiple pages which you can scroll through.

We've already pulled together several schools in the compare tool based on what academic programs are offered. Use the table below to compare schools with similar programs throughout the city.