How to Take the Plunge & Do What You Love

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Follow your dreams and the money will come?
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Last week, we discussed this piece of common advice given to young people: "Do what you love." It sounds very simple: Follow your passion, and the money will follow. But is that always the case?

"The popular mythology certainly is that anyone can do what they love," said our guest Miya Tokumitsu. "The reality remains that the people who get to do what they love are mostly those with the financial capital to acquire the credentials required by many of these prestigious and personally rewarding jobs."

Tokumitso added that this mentality fosters a culture of blame if a person isn't doing what they love.

"There are so many people right now, especially in this tough job market, who are doing work that they never planned on doing—and certainly never dreamed of doing—but they're doing what they need to do to get by," she said. "That is just as valuable as any work could possibly be."

Our conversation about following your dreams sparked a lot of discussion. To explore this issue in greater depth, The Takeaway hears from Jey Born and his wife Betsy Thorleifson. Together they discuss how they are making a team effort as a couple to do what they love.