How Garrett Brown's Steadicam Revolutionized Film

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Scene from the Quentin Tarantino film, "Pulp Fiction."

Cinematographer Garrett Brown, invented the steadicam in 1975. It combines the freedom of a handheld camera with the stability of a dolly, and made its debut in Hal Ashby’s 1976 film Bound for Glory, which won the Oscar for best cinematography. The Film Society at Lincoln Center series, “Going Steadi: 40 Years of Steadicam,” celebrates Brown's groundbreaking invention. The film series includes Rocky, Bound for Glory, The Shining, Goodfellas, Strange Days, Pulp Fiction and Eyes Wide Shut.

Events: "Going Steadi" runs from December 16 through January 3 at the Walter Reade Theater. Garrett Brown is doing a free masterclass talk on December 16th at 5 p.m., and is introducing the screenings on December 16th (Marathon Man / Bound for Glory) and Saturday (Rocky / The Shining). For more information, visit the Film Society's website.