PHOTOS: How to Spot a Fake Super Bowl Ticket

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Super Bowl tickets on display, as authorities explain the security measures embedded in the tickets.

The NYPD has arrested several people this week in possession of counterfeit Super Bowl tickets. "No matter how good the tickets look, no matter how sophisticated they are, they will not get you into the stadium on game day, " said Anastasia Danias, senior vice president of legal affairs for the NFL. "Be really careful about buying them for cash, from someone on the street... we know counterfeits are getting better and we know they're getting more sophisticated."

Police arrested a Bronx man who had 124 tickets, at an estimated street value of $113,000. He's facing charges of grand larceny and trademark counterfeiting.

Below are a few key security features of real tickets.




The Super Bowl logo and XLVIII Roman numerals are raised and embossed.





There is a cross hatch design along the sides of the tickets.





There's a laser cut date that you can see through on the back when you hold it up to the light.


The left hand side of the ticket changes images depending on the angle it's held at.



Special thermochromic ink (heat sensitive ink) on the bottom of the back side disappears when heat is applied, either by rubbing or putting it under a heat source. The image reappears once it cools.



The hologram on the back is not just printed on silver foil, it has "depth and movement."